Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winter is Coming!

 Some last photos of summer starting to fade.

 Last blooms of fall.

Sweet Andi has now achieved 14 years and 4 months on the birthday dog scale.  That's 100 years old in human terms!  This is a long time for an 80 pound Springer to live but we're happy he's still with us!

Our Bizy Bea is now three years old (55 lbs.) in dog years or a young 21 years in human years.

Grass is still green but the crab apple on the right is starting to lose its leaves.

 Our home in Maine

 Bizy with a fallen branch she grabbed up while Richard was doing clean up in the flower beds to put them to rest for the winter that is coming.

Long afternoon shadows with the valley below.

 Back of our home as the sun is setting for the day.

Mowed area at back of fence before the uncut field begins.  Dogs on their afternoon walk.

 Notice posts rising out of the ground - this is due to winter heaving.  This post will  have to be fixed next spring.  Temporary boards were nailed on this summer to keep Bizy from getting out and nasty porcupines getting in at night!

Back of our home with fence around approx. a half acre to keep the deer out and the dogs in.  More long shadows from the tall trees of the forrest

Tall trees surrounding us - all ours since we live on 52 acres.

My studio over the garage with a view of one of my looms through the window.

 Wood pile that Richard just finished loading into the garage for our wood stove for winter heat today.  There's approx. 2.5 cords of wood in that pile which will serve us well this winter - big job moving all this wood but thank goodness for the tractor!

 Our magnificent birch in our front yard starting to lose its leaves also.

A Japanese Maple that is usually bright green throughout the summer has now changed to this brilliant orange and is losing its leaves!  Maples and oaks down the tree line plus the big oak has just about lost all of its leaves too.  Notice the ice plant in the flower boxes have turned a bright orange.

Taken yesterday while it was raining through the family room windows.  There is another maple in the next flower bed over that has turned a dark orange.  There are some colored trees to the top of the photo also that have changed color.

 View to the forrest with our other 40 acres from the back yard.

Veggie garden has all been taken down now and nothing left but some carrots and onions.

Bird house that is currently being lived in by a squirrel!

Another view to the valley along with Andi ambling along on his afternoon walk.  This might prove to be a tough winter for old Andi.  We will see!

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