Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fog in the Valley

Fall is coming on fast, trees are losing some of their leaves, some are starting slowly to change colors, flowers are gone and gardens are almost finished.

We live on a hill.  Some mornings we look out our windows and see what looks like water - it's just fog.  Other times at sunset we see images that look like a colorful lake - still heavy fog, but quite different looking.  What's below you ask?  A valley with homes, farms and businesses.

Time for the field to be bush hogged.  Below is the man who cuts the tall grasses and any little trees that have grown up during the summer months.  This is an every summer ritual otherwise our field would turn into a forest in a few years!   The deer will love poking through these cut grasses over the next couple of weeks - good munchies!  The fox will show up to chase down the displaced mice - chomp!
Life in the process of recycling.  We will be able to see the deer more easily now as they walk through and the turkeys will definitely not be able to hide in the grasses.

One lonely apple tree in our field left over from an orchard that existed long before we bought the property.

 The field is approximately 7 acres of grasses, wild flowers and small pine trees.  My DH cuts trails with our John Deere tractor through this field every summer where we walk our dogs without going into the woods.  Our 14 year old Springer will walk in the woods but we worry about something happening to him and then trying to get him back home.  Andi is a big Springer at 75 pounds and I sure wouldn't want to carry him!

Before long this whole view will turn white with snow!

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